I Love A Good Trestle Table

I grew up with a big, beautiful, chunky, country trestle table. That's probably why I love them. When the time came for us to buy our own dining table, we found the perfect one on Ebay, after searching for nearly a year.

I love this table so much. I love it like a family member. It's one of those pieces that, regardless of the current style, or what Pottery Barn or Crate & Barrel feature, I will love this table more. 

According to the historic papers that accompanied the table, it came from the Chesapeake Bay Region and dates from the early 1800's. 

I love the butterfly joints. I love the scrapes and dents in wood. I love the lines of this table, all curvy and shapely. I wish I knew the details of its' history. 

Here is our table, waiting for the new floors in the new house.
...and in our old house




Look at the texture in the wood. *yummy*

Ideally I'd like to pair it with a set of industrial chairs, to offset the country feel of the table.